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Australia Rises as UK and US University Rankings Slip

In the latest Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings, three UK universities have dropped out of the top 100. Australia continues to grow in this area. Since the ranking, began the US has lost two universities out of the ranking. At the top of the elite “six” is Harvard and the Anglo-American universities are beginning to move ahead of the rest of them. The Top are as follows: Since the first ranking in 20111 the ranking have remained fairly constant. The US representation in the top 100 dipped from 45 in 2011 to 44 in 2012 and to 43 in 2013. Some of the Institutions which are falling include: Universities which are up include: Outside of the US the UK has the most in the top 100 list, but this has slipped to 9 from 12 in 2011. In the top 50 the UK has: The University of Leeds is out of the top 100 for the first time. This is due to the relegation in 2012 of the University of Sheffield and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine The Higher Times Education Ranking editor Phil Baty said that, “The strength and depth of the UK system has been one of its best features. This is due to the large number of great institutions which contribute to the UK economy by churning our qualified graduates. While this is true, there is now a gap between the UK universities and the rest of the pack. Some of the best universities are losing the luster they once had. The UK education system is receiving fewer resources with only a select few getting what they need.” Australia Moving Up Australia now has a higher ranking. They have four universities in the top 100 such as: Baty says that “Australia’s image as a good place to study is now catching up with reality and it’s performing better in the rankings. Australia is poised to take advantage of its geography and it has strong links with the best Universities in the West. It’s also taking advantage of the education scene in East Asia. Australia could benefit from the growth of Asia in coming years.” Other World Nations Other Nations The Netherlands, Germany and Japan have five institutions in the top 100. Sweden, Hong Kong, and Canada have three in the rankings each. Japan is the leading Asian nation but South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan are gaining ground. China’s two leading universities have slipped down the rankings some. Ireland, India and Africa aren’t featured on the list which belongs to just 20 countries. The University of São Paulo in Brazil is the only Latin American university on the list. Israel has lost two universities off of the list. The rankings are based upon a global invitation-only opinion poll which is carried out byIpsosMediaCT for THE’s rankings data supplier, Thomson Reuters. Over three years of data has been collected from over 48,000 responses in as many as as 150 countries with over 16,600 respondents in just 2013. Baty sates that, “No university can become complacent in our fast changing world. East Asia is rising and investing in education so traditional education systems need to be wary of this. The UK and the United States are losing ground.” Let Fresh Futures Senior Advisors provide you the most suitable course that matches your future career. And to help you find the right university or college for your needs.









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